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Functional Medicine Dietitian specializing in Long COVID

What is Long COVID anyway?

Long COVID is basically not feeling “back to normal” after having COVID.

Millions of people are suffering from Long Covid and report that the symptoms last for days, weeks or even YEARS after having COVID.

Here is a list of the most COMMON complaints:

  • Fatigue or being tired all the time
  • Brain fog
  • Trouble sleeping or "Coronosomnia"
  • Taste and smell still being “off”(Dysgeusia and/or Parosmia)
  • Chronic coughing
  • Gut troubles
  • Mood issues
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • And over 200 other symptoms have been reported thus far.

There are many terms that are used interchangeably that you might have heard…

Long haulers, Post Covid, Chronic COVID, PASC (Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19). You can have Long COVID regardless of the variant you had, whether or not you had a mild, moderate or severe case, or how many times you were diagnosed. Data are showing that people who had COVID multiple times or had severe cases typically suffer from Long COVID more frequently. But…don’t think you can’t possibly have Long COVID, just because you only had a mild case. These symptoms are REAL, annoying, frustrating and depending on the severity, life altering.

I’m a Functional Medicine Dietitian who specializes in Long COVID. The programs that I have created will support the body in the healing process and help you regain function and quality of life. I take a personalized approach as each client is different, although the FOUNDATION of my programs include:

  • Food modifications
  • Sleep management
  • Stress management
  • Movement/exercise plan
  • Nutraceuticals/supplements

Have you been diagnosed with Long COVID or think you might have it?

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About Emily Eastman

I have a complicated health story like many of the clients I work with. After struggling with Mainstream Medicine's limitations, I found my way to Functional Medicine or Root Cause Medicine. My life changed for the better when I embraced the idea of "Food as Medicine.” My passion is to support clients who are seeking a Practitioner who really listens, tries to "connect the dots" and will advocate for them to find their personalized healing path. My professional history gives me a unique angle in my client's care as I draw from experience in Hospitals, Research, Education and Sales.

I live in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, with my husband, Todd, and our German Shepherd, Blue. I enjoy traveling to warm, sandy beaches and practice yoga to keep me balanced.

Program offerings:

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1:1 Program - 4 months

A one-on-one program includes just you and me. We will begin with an IN-DEPTH assessment (interview, speciality labs, etc) and develop a plan together. This is a high-touch offering that gives you a 30 min meeting every 2 weeks to help you along your journey. Labs are repeated at the end of your plan for comparison.

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Group Program - 4 months

The same IN-DEPTH assessment (Interview, specialty labs, etc) is done for those who select the group program. All of the education will be presented in the group setting. There will be 4 - one hour long sessions. The client will choose to join the In-Person group at my office or the Virtual group held online. Labs are NOT repeated at the end of your plan.

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Other Issues I work with:

I do work 1:1 with clients with issues other than Long Covid.

  • Gut issues
  • Thyroid problems
  • Perimenopause struggles
  • Blood Sugar Dysfunction

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Female Tutor Leading Discussion Group Amongst High School Pupils

Food and Supplements

Stress and Sleep


Social Connection

*Our programs take dietary restrictions for health, religious, or personal reasons into consideration.

Disclaimer: As I am not a Physician, I am not able to diagnose nor am I able to modify any medications. All of my recommendations should be discussed by you with your Personal Healthcare team.

Kind Words from

Happy Clients


Emily has obviously done her homework on this! I felt like she really listened to me and created a program that was doable for me with my fatigue and brain fog.

Pat R.


I didn’t connect the dots until Emily explained how the virus affects the body. The testing she does provides so much information. I look forward to repeating it once I finish my program to compare.

Ross N.


The difference in how I feel between when I started and now is remarkable. I have more energy and am sleeping so much better. Starting to feel like myself again.

Sarah F. (2 months in)

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